OutLines Undergraduate Symposium

The Professional Writing Students’ Association is so grateful to all who made this year’s inaugural undergraduate symposium a huge success. On April 25, 2019, fifteen panelists who spent the past year (or two) putting into words their insightful and revolutionary ideas shared them with students, faculty, and the York community. It was a day of celebration, and of honouring the intelligence and impact of undergraduate writing and research. We are excited to share their pieces here for you to read. You will find words of change, of passion, of , and of empowerment that will make you think, reflect, and question your current perspectives.

Outlines Undergraduate Symposium PosterOur deepest gratitude to Professor Dunja Baus who planted the seed of invention and remained deeply involved in the production of this symposium. We cannot express our gratitude for the countless hours you spent guiding us in planning the event, mentoring each speaker, and fostering the amazing community created around this celebration–not to mention the many pizzas and coffees you supplied to keep us energized.

As well, we are thankful to all faculty involved in making this symposium a success, including Chair of the Writing Department, Kim Michasiw, and Professional Writing Undergraduate Program Director Kerry Doyle for their support, contributions, and enthusiasm.

Many thanks also to the PWSA members also worked tirelessly to make this event happen: to Symposium Director Annie Park, President Emily Goodwin, and Vice-President/Creative Director Chris Lai.

After such success with the first ever OutLines Undergraduate Symposium, we cannot wait to see how next year’s event will build on and exceed the 2019 event. Stay tuned for the second Symposium and another round of inspiring meaning making and knowledge sharing coming up in 2020.