What People Don’t Tell You About Leaving Your Hometown

“Every time I ride the subway to find another place to fill my days, I think about how places are far more magical when you don’t stay there for too long.”–Sidney Ulakovic

My Languages and My Selves

“I asked my mother to buy me candy. From behind me my sister shouted, “Speak English! Speak English!” I was rattled. I stopped speaking Triestine in public. Eventually I stopped speaking it altogether.”
–Susette Schacherl

Writer, Editor, Reader

“Writing and editing need to be understood as a single discipline because the combination of the two is what makes words meaningful.”
– Olivia Quenneville

Editing: Writing Ourselves

Editing isn’t just a writing process, but a universal one as well. Editing is in its own way a ubiquitous force, from the microscopic level to the gargantuan unfathomable extremities of the universe.
– Sarah Cacella