Ayesha Boison “Good evening, it is January 21st, 2189, 7 p.m. My name is Bastian Greene, and this is Channel 99 News. In just two days, the annual EVOlution festival will be taking place at the City Square. It’s been one hundred years since the evolution of technology changed the world, thanks to the eager... Continue Reading →

The Meta Party

Emma Morden  Artwork by Amanda Rehel       Claire enters her apartment with a prominent scowl on her face, all her friends are gathered in the living room and kitchen listening to loud music and enjoying her drinks. The crowd is silenced as she slams the door behind her. They all stand around, tightening their... Continue Reading →

Explore Your Limits

Amanda Rehel Making Friends I look at them, Buzzing about each other Like drones Having been taught Their game. I'm supposed to be joining them. To be joining the pollination of Budding conversation. I cannot hover Around others the way that They hover around each other. My wings cannot support my weight. Fluttering up to... Continue Reading →

Embracing Imperfection

Joshua Ogden-Davis When you make mistakes, make them fearlessly. When I arrived in China in 2010, I spoke no Chinese and had no idea what I was doing or how long I would stay. Eight years later, I've taught myself Mandarin and have co-authored a best-selling Chinese-language cross-cultural self-help book, Making Friends with Foreigners. Learning... Continue Reading →

A Guide to Writing a 500 Word Writing Sample

Michelle Mogilner You start to panic. Is this what the career of a writer is going to be like? Hours of self-doubt interrupted by the occasional fleeting sensation of inspiration? Dear Writer, Congratulations! You have just been told that you're being considered for a writing position at your desired company. You have opened your email... Continue Reading →

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