About Inventio: A Literary Magazine on Writing, Language and Communication

Inventio is an online literary magazine created by Professional Writing Students’ Association at York University in Toronto, Canada. This online literary magazine was created to showcase the literary talent of students and faculty from all walks of life at York University.

Editorial Board

Professor Dunja Baus – Advising Editor

Madelaine Pries – Editor-in-Chief

               Hello readers and writers! I’m Maddy, a 4th year student in York’s English and Professional Writing program. Since beginning my studies at York three years ago, I have worked as an editorial intern and staff writer for various organizations and have picked up a few writing awards along the way.

I had the pleasure of joining Inventio in its inaugural year last year as Chief Editor of Non-Fiction. Getting to contribute to the webzine’s establishment and growth was so much fun that I thought I’d come back for another round. I am excited to be returning this year as Editor-in-Chief, and to continue contributing to the growth and impact of our literary baby. Our writers and colleagues in the York community are bursting with inspired and insightful works, and I cannot wait to have Inventio share with you.