Writing is a road to discovery. We make and find meaning through writing, language, and symbols, and we use these to communicate what we’ve found: new knowledge, new worlds, new people, ourselves. We write them in letters, words, symbols–in mathematical equations, musical notation, and facial expressions. We write through all the modes of expression available to use, and leave a print on the world for others to discover for themselves. 

Inventio is an online literary magazine that publishes these discoveries. Whether short stories, poetry, non-fiction, or blended-genre compositions, we share what you create. Since its beginnings in 2017 through York University’s Professional Writing Students’ Association, Inventio has been a platform for the literary talent of post-secondary students across Canada.

Join us as we discover writing. For students, by students.

Editorial Board

Advising Editor – Professor Dunja Baus

Editor-in-Chief – Sundus ‘sun’ Hussein


Hi fellow readers and writers. My name is Sundus Hussein and I go by sun. I had the pleasure of being Inventio’s 2018-2019’s poetry editor and staff writer and I plan on enriching a writing community for students across campus and the country. I’m a fourth year student in Professional Writing and I am interested in all things experimental and existential.

I am a community performer, painter, poet, editor and essayist. My body of work comprises of experiments, quirks, and hidden codes, most notably ‘This is How I Move’ presented at the undergraduate symposium of 2019. I have been featured in online publications such as Araweelo Aboard, The Drinking Gourd, Just Lativa as well as shared personal pieces through Medium and my Tinyletter.

I am excited to share our team of excellent editors of 2020 with you:

Chief Editor of Short Stories – Pendo Muema

thumbnail_pendomuema.jpgPendo has been in love with words since she learned how to speak. An early reader, she has been fascinated with story from a young age. Putting her love of language, and her passion for storytelling together as an editor just made sense to her. As a part of the Inventio team, she hopes to do the Short-Story Editor position justice. Pendo aspires to encourage, and foster expression in readers and writers, and creatives; in Inventio and beyond.








Chief Editor of Poetry – Riley Magill

72970b9d-cb9d-41b7-86b8-b889a2dcaf98.jpegRiley Magill is a fourth year York University student, graduating from a double major in the Professional and Creative Writing Honours Programs. She is a poetry writer, with her first poetry book having been published on Amazon in March 2018 titled Headless Wildflower: in the Seasons of Mortal Integrity. Riley writes intimately about her experiences as a young woman in a big city and is excited about working closely with other poets, as Inventio’s Chief Editor of Poetry.







Chief Editor of Non-Fiction – Michelle Clevet