Many of us treat language almost as an afterthought. We rarely take the time to reflect on our relationship with words, even though they pervade every second of our lives. We speak in words, write in words, sing in words and think in words, yet language extends far beyond those small tokens of meaning. It encompasses mathematical symbols, music notations, signs, facial expressionsany way we make meaning and communicate our thoughts and ideas.

Inventio is an online literary magazine that publishes short stories, poetry and non-fiction. Since its creation in 2017 by York University’s Professional Writing Students’ Association, the webzine has been a platform for the literary talent of York University’s students and faculty.

Editorial Board

Advising Editor – Professor Dunja Baus

MeEditor-in-Chief – Madelaine Pries

Hello readers and writers! I’m Maddy, a 4th year student in York’s English and Professional Writing program. I have managed to pick up a few writing awards during my last three years at York, and have worked as a staff writer, editorial intern and communications coordinator at different times for different publications and organizations.

I had the pleasure of joining Inventio in its inaugural year last year as Chief Editor of Non-Fiction. Contributing to the webzine’s establishment and growth was so much fun that I thought I’d come back for another round. I am excited to be returning this year as Editor-in-Chief, and to continue contributing to the growth and impact of our program’s literary child. Our writers and colleagues in the York community are bursting with inspired and insightful works, and I cannot wait to have Inventio share them with you!

OliviaChief Editor of Short Stories – Olivia Quenneville

My name is Olivia and I’m a fourth-year Professional Writing major and Music minor at York University. Apart from Inventio, I have been a Junior and Associate editor for York’s journal of arts and literature, Existere, since 2017. In April 2019, I will be speaking among many other panelists at the Professional Writing Students’ Association undergraduate symposium, OutLines, where my fellow peers and I will be sharing our thoughts on various aspects of writing.

It was only in first year that I started officially calling myself a “writer.” My experiences since then have shown me what being a “writer” means in many different ways. I’ve lost and found myself in my writing. I’ve learned about myself and the world and other people. I’ve struggled and I’ve flourished. I’ve learned to love writing: the process, the discovery, and the simple action itself.

Inventio is a home for writing, and I’m happy to be living here this year as Chief Editor of Short Stories. I look forward to connecting with you, our writers, who come to visit our home. Upon your arrival, I hope you find yourself and lose yourself; learn about the world, yourselves, others; struggle and flourish; discover, reaffirm, and grow your love for writing. I truly hope your writing finds its place here, and I can’t wait to share these wonderful writing experiences with you.

SunChief Editor of Poetry – Sun Hussein

My name is Sundus ‘Sun’ Hussein and I am a community performer, poet, and lover of words. I am also a third year professional writing student at York University. My body of work and interests is comprised of experiments, quirks and hidden codes. I am of Somali descent, residing in Toronto where I’ve shared articles and edited works on current issues, stigma and personhood with magazines Black Cabinet and Araweelo Aboard.

I am amped to be this year’s Editor in Chief of Poetry and looking forward to the personalized fascinations of language in poetic fashion.

Chief Editor of Non-Fiction – Michelle Clevett













Staff Writer – Amanda Rehel

I’m a fourth-year student in the English and Professional Writing program.

I like writing, poems more than anything else, but mostly I like helping other people write. I’ve always been the girl people went to for help with writing assignments or personal projects. Many of my friends have gotten me to read their essays before they’re due for pointers; sometimes it’s with the conception stage and other times with the execution. I have experience writing and editing in many different forms, from dialogues to poems to short stories. Helping people express themselves and share who they are is my true passion and I hope that someday I will get the chance to do just that.

I have an art background and love to incorporate the creativity nurtured from those classes into my poems. Most of my poems start out as drawings in my head, one of the fun parts for me is finding the words to express those drawings. I would like to one day make a book of a compilation of my poems, an expression of my life and education as a writer.

emma pictureStaff Writer – Emma Morden

I am a Professional Writing student here at York. I love writing, reading, watching movies and television, and I spend way too much time on tumblr. I am a massive Harry Potter and Disney nerd, and believe in Happily Ever Afters. I have wanted to be a writer since I was thirteen years old.

I am from London, Ontario. Though my family moved around quite a bit growing up, London was where I was born, and where I spent most of my life. This is my second degree; I studied English at Western previously to this, and then I took a year off to work for a company called L’Arche. And though those were both exciting, I am very happy to be back at school at York, and for getting an opportunity to expand my writing!

When I was in elementary school I used to write ten pages when you were only meant to write one—and I know quality over quantity, but I never ran out of things to say! I was very shy at the time (that hasn’t changed much though haha), and didn’t like to talk. So I shared all my thoughts in written form. And though it started off as a jumble of thoughts, over time it became stories. I didn’t even realize it was a thing that I wanted to do, or that anyone really did as a job (I don’t know where I thought books came from… probably a stork or something), until my friend’s papa pointed it out to me. Since then, I’ve taken it more seriously, and grown a real passion for writing. I’ve written three books (they’re not published, so don’t go looking for them!), and one screenplay (when I was in the eighth grade, so don’t expect to see it in theatres anytime soon). I just love to be able to write out what I’m thinking, to take different worlds I’m imagining and throw them down on a page. It’s exciting.

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