About Inventio: A Literary Magazine on Writing, Language and Communication

Inventio is an online literary magazine created by Professional Writing Students’ Association at York University in Toronto, Canada. This online literary magazine was created to showcase the literary talent of students and faculty from all walks of life at York University.

Editorial Board

Professor Dunja Baus – Advising Editor

James Zhan – Editor-in-Chief

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I’m a fourth year student at York University and I’m one of the founders of this online literary magazine, Inventio. My majors are two the of the nerdiest fields you can find in a Canadian university—English and Professional Writing. You would think my Asian parents wouldn’t allow me to do a degree in English and writing, but hey I guess they trusted me enough to let me pursue my dreams (and fly around the globe to study).

Because of the freedom my parents gave me and the faith they have in me, I became a bit of a jack of all trades, “master” of…perhaps a couple of things, although I wouldn’t call myself an actual master. Writing is evidently one of my fortes, but I would claim I’m a better editor. I love doing substantive editing, copy-editing and proofreading. I’m particularly good with grammar, and I’m notorious for bugging my friends with weird grammar-related questions. I love writing, but I enjoy refining and shaping the crafts of others’ even more. That leads to another forte of mine—audio mixing. It sounds totally unrelated to editing, but mixing is the equivalent of editing in writing; both involve improving and developing the creator’s craft. I have a small home studio of my own which has been credited for over ten records (I swear I’m humble), and most of the time I’m able to provide for myself with my studio income.

Aside from my fortes, I’ve dabbled in photography (I have a website portfolio), video editing and book designing. I’m sure I will try out more things in the future, because I love discovering new hobbies. The great thing about it is that sometimes, I become really good at a hobby and I end up turning it into a profession—such is the case of my studio.

Being the EIC of this new online magazine is something that I’m extremely passionate about because I can not only write for it, but also develop and improve other works as an editor to push them to their uttermost potential, and then publish them for the world to enjoy.

Karen Silva – Copy Editor

2017-10-08 16.25.51I’m a fourth year English and History student at York University who is prepared at any moment to spout random facts no one asked for about either literature or history. While my classmates grew up wanting to be doctors and policemen (you know, practical professions), I wanted to be an author. Fast forward and I’ve written an embarrassing amount of bad fantasy stories about magic. But my passion for writing taught me what constitutes strong, grammatically solid writing, and I quickly became the go-to editor for all my friends’ assignments and essays. I think that everyone has something amazing to say, but sometimes they might struggle to articulate these ideas. This is when I step in to help polish the statements until they shine. I think I might be doing something right because one of my own papers actually won first prize at York University amongst third-year essays. I currently work part-time as a teacher at a tutoring program and, when I’m not reading too many books or teaching, I enjoy writing and playing video games.

Being a copy editor of Inventio is right up my alley. I love nit-picking the small details other people might glance over. Maybe you don’t realize an errant apostrophe is turning a plural into a possessive, or that the word that you keep squinting at is actually being misused—but that’s what I love to catch, and it’ll be fixed before you can even blink.

Lorine Berwari – Chief Editor of Poetry


My name is Lorine and I am a first-year Professional Writing student. I was born and raised in Montreal, where I recently graduated from the Modern Languages Program at Dawson College. I’ve learned some German and Italian and aim to perfect these not only by practicing more, but by accepting that it’s okay to make mistakes. Alongside my interest in languages, I grew up with a passion for singing and poetry both in English and French as well as Kurdish, my parents’ native language. I really enjoy diving into different cultures by reading various types of literature. Ever since I was a child, I was lucky to travel a lot and enjoy the beauty of numerous countries. I believe that learning new languages is more than just learning words; it is deepening your understanding of the world, of people, and even of yourself.

I mostly use my writing to reveal and release my feelings. Sometimes, you feel so much that you need to let it all out in some way, and writing has helped me cope with overwhelming experiences in a healthy way. However, overtime, I also discovered that the smallest feeling or moment, a spark of any kind, can be strong enough to make me want to write.

When it comes to editing someone else’s work, I love adapting myself to new ideas, and helping others to deliver them. I never wish to express their ideas for them, but I try to make it easier by asking my own questions as a reader, as well as correcting things related to spelling, grammar, or syntax. It is nice to see that one’s writing can always be improved, yet one chooses to stop changing things when they achieve personal satisfaction.

When I’m not overthinking the purpose of our existence in this universe, which you surely know, can be so consuming, I focus on the little things that make me happy. You can find me looking for new tea shops, binge-watching my favorite shows, or simply capturing Toronto’s vibrant spirit on a regular weekday.

Sarah Cacella – Chief Editor of Short Stories


Behind the stacks of tea mugs, I’m an English and Professional Writing student as well as the Chief Editor of Short Stories for Inventio. Having a knack for the unreal and imaginative, my goal is to see your creative mind and bring its machinations to light! Getting into the personal, my passion for writing sparked around the age of thirteen after a romantic get away with the Twilight Saga. Most people spurn the series now, but it was the battery to a long and exciting journey towards becoming an editor and eventual novel author after graduation.

I am also very open to the ideas of the writers and make it my mission to ensure the authors can express their work the way they see it. Writing is an art as much as a craft, and must be taken with the utmost seriousness.

Madelaine Pries – Chief Editor of Non-fiction

I am a third year English and Professional Writing student, and although I have always loved to write (and now love going through those stories I wrote as a kid; they’re always hilarious), getting to where I am now has been a necessarily winding road. After high school, I lived and worked in Peru and England, studied Environmental Studies at the University of Ottawa for a bit (until I remembered science is fascinating, but I want no part in conducting it), and worked in various serving jobs, until I fell into the retirement home job (at which I still work) where the residents encouraged me to go back to school. It was one resident in particular who brought beautiful books for me to read, and to whom I would chat about writing and literature, who got me thinking that maybe writing, which had been a prevalent constant throughout my life, could turn into a career. I say this was a necessarily winding road because it is the experiences, people, and little I learned about the world throughout my post-secondary years that forced me to think differently and added the fodder to my thoughts and perspectives I had felt I was lacking when writing throughout high school. Of course, gathering new experiences and points of view is a continuous endeavour, and although I still know only a little about the world, continuously learning through reading and writing is one of the joys of the trade.

Since coming to York, I have won awards for writing a very long sentence and I have worked as an intern and staff writer for various publications and companies, so it is nice to be on the editing side of things for a change—I might even think it’s a little more fun than writing. Witnessing how people use language, how they weave words together, how they develop ideas (and reading about the ideas themselves) is truly thrilling. It’s a constant reminder of how incredibly intelligent people are, and how much we can learn from what others write. It is a privilege to read people’s work, and helping them craft what they want to say is just, quite simply, fun.

Emma Morden – Staff Writer

emma picture

I am a Professional Writing student here at York. I love writing, reading, watching movies and television, and I spend way too much time on tumblr. I am a massive Harry Potter and Disney nerd, and believe in Happily Ever Afters. I have wanted to be a writer since I was thirteen years old.

I am from London, Ontario. Though my family moved around quite a bit growing up, London was where I was born, and where I spent most of my life. This is my second degree; I studied English at Western previously to this, and then I took a year off to work for a company called L’Arche. And though those were both exciting, I am very happy to be back at school at York, and for getting an opportunity to expand my writing!

When I was in elementary school I used to write ten pages when you were only meant to write one—and I know quality over quantity, but I never ran out of things to say! I was very shy at the time (that hasn’t changed much though haha), and didn’t like to talk. So I shared all my thoughts in written form. And though it started off as a jumble of thoughts, over time it became stories. I didn’t even realize it was a thing that I wanted to do, or that anyone really did as a job (I don’t know where I thought books came from… probably a stork or something), until my friend’s papa pointed it out to me. Since then, I’ve taken it more seriously, and grown a real passion for writing. I’ve written three books (they’re not published, so don’t go looking for them!), and one screenplay (when I was in the eighth grade, so don’t expect to see it in theatres anytime soon). I just love to be able to write out what I’m thinking, to take different worlds I’m imagining and throw them down on a page. It’s exciting.

Emily Norton – Staff Writer

emily norton

My name is Emily Norton and I’m a second year Professional Writing student. I came to York with the intention of studying Environmental Studies, but my passion for writing took over and led me to change my path. I’ve been writing since I was a child: lists, journal entries, poems, stories, and sometimes letters I’d never send. From a young age it has felt like a natural instinct to write. As a generally quiet person, it gives me an outlet to communicate with myself and others in a way that is effective and personal. I love the way writing gives people a way to communicate in a thoughtful way. So many things in the world are instant, from verbal conversations to interactions online. But with writing, we are given the rare opportunity to thoroughly think about what we want to say or the story we want to tell. Writing can accomplish so much when it comes to communication. Whether it be the articulation of your own thoughts to help you better understand yourself or the gap it can bridge between you and someone else, it is an incredibly useful tool. And, for me, a passion.

Amanda Rehel – Staff Writer


I’m a third-year student in the English and Professional Writing program. I like writing, poems more than anything else, but mostly I like helping other people write. I’ve always been the girl people went to for help with writing assignments or personal projects. Many of my friends have gotten me to read their essays before they’re due for pointers; sometimes it’s with the conception stage and other times with the execution. I have experience writing and editing in many different forms, from dialogues to poems to short stories. Helping people express themselves and share who they are is my true passion and I hope that someday I will get the chance to do just that.

I have an art background and love to incorporate the creativity nurtured from those classes into my poems. Most of my poems start out as drawings in my head, one of the fun parts for me is finding the words to express those drawings. I would like to one day make a book of a compilation of my poems, an expression of my life and education as a writer.