I once saw snow fall

Brian Dang

I once saw snow fall

and the news described it as “snowfall”
and it glittered in softened whites that lightly spun
and it cascaded across the earth in the way that it always does
and it became a blizzard, the roads frozen
and the ice created a mirror of the sky
and the clouds watched over us as our days became like snow


   fall, strands of
sn     sno
o w       w
   sn  ow      sn
   sn          o
   ow         w
s       sn
 o     o
  w        w

and the news described it as “snowfall”
it glittered in harsh whites that spun
in the way that it always does
I called

my mother called in
to ask if I was okay in the hazy
fog of blistering white,
I told her
it was just a little bit of snow

      it had yet to reach her,
      she told me to be careful going home,
      to avoid the sidewalks, to watch for ice,
      to make sure to wear mitts, a scarf,
      to avoid yellow snow, and those
      at night , or day, rummaging through
      layers of trash that’ll lash out at me,
      she cited recent cases of
      muggings and through the web
      of images available of where I was
      she told me names of streets filled
      with graffiti above cracked sidewalks,
      I could only laugh as those
      streets with graffiti above cracked sidewalks
      had been cleaned, unlike ours back home.
      I asked if our streets had remained the same
      in the time I’d left, if the cracks cracked
      even more by the time of her snow fall
      and when it does fall over there, I wondered aloud
      if it would look as if it was always whole,
      it’ll glitter over there,
      it’ll cascade   over there,
      it’ll blizzard over there,
      and the clouds will watch over her like it does me;
      as if I hadn’t left to create my fiction.

About the Writer
Brian is a writer of prose and poetry dealing with all manners of the everyday filtered through words trying to leave the page.

Editor: Sun

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