Big and Small

Amanda Estelle Réhel
She is sharp edges
And brittle.
He is round curves
And brittle.

They sit opposite
Each other.

They both are crushed
The weight
Of their hatred
For themselves.
They stare at what they can’t control.

The torment,
They feel towards themselves
From the pictures surrounding them on every wall

The looks passing by them,
The inability to fit into a washroom stall
Or eat in front of people,
To only find clothes that make them look like a bag,
Either empty or full.
The inability to fit into this world,
Big or small.

They sit opposite each other.
No mirror.
But seeing the same pain
Reflected in one another’s eyes.
And don’t speak.

About the Writer

Amanda is an English and Professional Writing major at York University. She writes poems on her own time and uses her art to expand her thinking. Her life is full of art, words and flavourful tea.

Editor: Sun, Chief Editor of Poetry

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