Ayesha Boison

“Good evening, it is January 21st, 2189, 7 p.m. My name is Bastian Greene, and this is Channel 99 News. In just two days, the annual EVOlution festival will be taking place at the City Square. It’s been one hundred years since the evolution of technology changed the world, thanks to the eager participation of various companies. We want to give a special thanks to the Prodigal Mechanization Corporation, who initially began this life-changing project.”
     Neve Maravelle overheard the faint voice on her TV, so she hurried over to grab the remote on the coffee table, and quickly upped the volume. She sat cross-legged on the sofa and listened intently to the newsman.
     “Eighteen years ago, these enormous advances introduced programming that promoted the sole use of the English language. This simplified relations in global trade, especially in business, and led to automatic and instant translation. As the demand for them grew over time, these new technologies were installed in every country in the world. Over the years, people gradually adhered to the singular language, making communication much easier for anyone visiting a foreign place. Individuals from far and wide have certainly had a smoother time immigrating from their homelands…”
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