Explore Your Limits

Amanda Rehel

Making Friends

I look at them,
Buzzing about each other
Like drones
Having been taught
Their game.

I’m supposed to be joining them.
To be joining the pollination of
Budding conversation.

I cannot hover
Around others the way that
They hover around each other.
My wings cannot support my weight.

Fluttering up to them
My wings betray me.
Slowly, embarrassingly,
I hit the ground in a
Spectacular defeat.
Defeat. Defeat.
My wings refuse to
Lift me up again.
Again. Again.

I am forced to
Crawl away
On my hands and knees,
Broken and shattered.
Until next time.


I feel pressure
As I start my journey.
I can’t look back,
But I know
There is a trail
Left behind.
I know what it looks like,
For it is mine.
I swerve left,
Make a curve and
Bank sharply to the right.
Through me.
I’m starting something new.
Where will I end up this time?
I dance my way across my stage,
Spinning, hesitating, leaping
From step to step,
Pattern to pattern,
Shadows to light.
Too quickly, too rushed, too heavily;
I break.
Exhaustion, but
I must carry on.
I put myself through the spinner.
It will make me stronger,
Every time.
I continue
And change my course.
This time
I leave black dust behind me.
Finding new yet
Familiar impressions on the
I’ve executed.
There is more depth to me,
As I’ve changed.
I go through many changes.
Important alterations are
To forge
Necessary alliances
In my journey.
Connect all that I have
I glide
And am reunited with a feeling of
I am lifted from the paths
I’ve created.
Into the air to
Behold what we’ve created;
My guide and me.
The man appears,
So weary and fulfilled.
I am
Back down to
Brand him
Our Creation.

Writer’s Block

Your pen hovers over the page,
Your thoughts blank.
You search for something
To cue the stroke of your pen.
But all you can hear is buzzing.
And all you can see is white snow
In your mind’s eye.
Closing your eyes,
You try to force
The blank noise
From your mind,
And picture a black nothingness.
You know that white snow
Won’t let anything else in.
Start with feeling the emotions
Spreading through your body.
Explore them.
Mold them.
Bring them to life.


Here, is where your true personality
Comes to light.
It’s where everything you’ve lost
Sheds its light.
It’s where everything you’ve achieved
Brings forth light.
Here, is the only place you can be
It’s where you’re not scared
Of yourself.
It’s where you’re gleefully proud
Of yourself.
Here, you write what everybody
Wants to hear.
It’s where your audience tells you
What they want to hear.
It’s where you write
What you need them to hear.
This is where you discover,
My Amanda, what writing is about for you.

About the Writer

amandaAmanda Rehel is a staff writer at Inventio. You can read her bio here.






Editor: Lorine Berwari

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